Glass is opening up a world of endless possibilities for architects and designers. Choose the right glass and you’ll benefit from the best possible performance combined with the most appealing looks – whether the glass is for a structural façade, a retail storefront or a museum display case.

Today, glass can help control almost every aspect of performance and appearance to suit your precise needs. Whether that need is to reduce glare and reflections in the glass to improve the views, or whether you have specific requirements in terms of solar control, thermal insulation or noise reduction, we have all the solutions.

The good news too is you don’t need to sacrifice the look of the glass in order to get the performance you require. You can have the best of both worlds – the optimum glass solution that looks stunning and provides outstanding performance.

As experts in glass, we are working every day to discover new possibilities and bringing these to life through our products. Here you can see the numerous possibilities of Guardian glass and how we can help you turn your great ideas into reality.