Anti-reflective glass can make a retail storefront display more vibrant and enticing, revealing so much more than what is directly behind the glass.

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When a display should look its very best - on a sunny weekend with hundreds of people passing by - reflections may cause it to actually look its worst. This distracts the viewer from the quality of the product on display, and they may end up focusing more on their own reflection ...

With Guardian Clarity™ anti-reflective glass the shop can showcase its products like never before. Since there are fewer reflections to obstruct the view, the perceived value of the display increases. In fact, the entire shop becomes the display, as the glass enables a view of so much more than what is directly behind the window.

Moreover, there is less need for additional lighting to compensate for reflections. The colours on display are noticeably more vibrant. It is window shopping as you have never experienced it before.

Related Solutions
Used in combination with other Guardian glass state-of-the art products, Guardian Clarity™ anti-reflective glass can help you to meet these challenges.

Should thermal insulation for energy efficiency be a priority, Guardian Clarity™ can be combined with Guardian ClimaGuard® to meet the European energy or thermal insulation requirements while assuring a premium experience for visitors and passers-by thanks to its remarkably low reflectivity.

To help ensure an outstanding experience for your visitors and clients, it's important that they enjoy the view without being disturbed by excessive street noise. Combine Guardian Clarity™ glass with Guardian LamiGlass®. The various solutions of performances will help you to meet almost any acoustic requirement.

It's essential when designing with glass that you adopt the point of view of the user: will your guests, visitors, employees feel safe in this exceptional environment? Combining Guardian Clarity™ glass with Guardian LamiGlass® will help ensure a safe and secure experience.

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